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into the gloom.
New York City. 2014.
late nite selfie

Anonymous asked: where are you from?

south carolina. i still live there too

i’m bored tonight, so i’ll take questions or whatever

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idk though, i’ve been having recollections of memories of my ex and i while sleeping for a week or so now, so that’s probably why i’m so down about it

i mean shit, my ex cheated on me with some thirty year old nerd and my love life has gone down the shitter ever since

tbh i kinda dislike being single and being friend-zoned by all of my girlfriends (or they all already have boyfriends)

baby face cheddahz

LU1skao86o-GRA (RX-79(G) Gundam Ground Type II)
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it’s still 420 on the west coast so why not here’s a song that was originally written for the new Julia Brown album “An abundance of strawberries” way, way back. i wrote it probably last april or may & this version of it was recorded around june around when i finally started work on the album forreal. i really like it but i don’t feel like it has any place on the record anymore and things have changed so much since we started. it was going to be the opening track. it never was named, originally being called “opening” and now being called “old opening”. i still really like this song. it just has no home. here are the lyrics

lying flat on my back next to you in the grass

we skipped class to hang out while your friends smoked crack, we got high in their house

i felt cold when i looked at the sun

& that was our first kiss

it almost broke my heart 

because we both knew what would tear us apart

also shout out to ap cause new art!


method man
Setting up for the student art show