a poster for bo en in honor of his debut album pale machine. its really cute and you can download it here. 
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Banksy’s New Piece, “Mobile Lovers”

Rene Magritte - The Talkative Jewels
Am I pop punk or emo (or whatever you kids think is cool nowadays) yet?

Chrono Trigger

Story time (or something like that)

It’s a Friday night and one of my girl friends texted me around ten at night or something saying “Do you some company”, so I’m like “lol sure I guess” and then she’s like “Do you like pizza?” and I’m like “lol yeah”. Well, she shows up at my house with pizza and I’m like “word”. Anyways, she comes in with the pizza and we just chill on my bed and eat pizza and she brings up the idea of playing a board game, so I whip out some random version of Monopoly¬†(yes, I own more than one) and I start kicking her ass within a few turns and she basically calls it quits.

Anyways, we’re still in my bed and we’re still eating pizza and all of a sudden, she wants to watch Frozen (which I had never seen before, since I didn’t really want to see it), so I grab some flip flops and we’re driving to the nearest Redbox, just so we can see this damn movie. Anyways, we arrive back at my house with the movie and we start watching it and she is in love with the movie at first sight, while I’m just trying my hardest to not fall asleep (I had school that day, spent all afternoon playing tennis, and I had work in the morning) and yeah, she started getting pissed about this, but I managed to finish the movie and she left afterwards, telling me to take care and stuff.

Morale of the story? Falling asleep during Frozen doesn’t help your chances of getting laid


Jean-Michel Basquiat, Dwellers in the Marshes, 1983


LIL UGLY MANE - Family Thirst